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Book Released and Networking. How Does This Work?

So, I’m just going to speak on my behalf and say that I am not good at social media. This is not at all a “how-to” article, nor will I be providing any knowledgeable information on how to network. This is just for fun and giggles to hide the fact that I’m actually freaking out about my new journey as a published author. Although writing comes easy for me because I have a big imagination and spent most of my life living in made-up scenarios in my head. It’s how I want to believe most writers deal, you know. I’m socially awkward, and I sometimes suffer from resting bitch face, so writing is a much-needed skill for the things I just can’t say if I tried. So herein lies the issue.

I don’t know about any of you other writers, but I’ve been struggling to find my actual voice outside of writing to promote my work and network. I had to write papers and think pieces for college, which was only bearable if I could be creative, but it taught me a lot about my writing style. But I noticed if I had to present information in person, I would generally clam up, stutter, and just fall short at effective presentations. I’m struggling to write this blog because I’m overthinking how informal I might sound if I said it out loud.

Most people don’t even know why people want to be writers, to begin with. That’s one selling point I try to not think about. Do people think it’s even a job outside of, say the person who writes box office movies or hit tv shows? Probably not, I mean, who cares, right? That would be the perfect thing to say, but I’m not perfect, and I wonder if this is why I fear networking as a writer. But just me writing about the love I feel for jazz may get the side-eye.

I genuinely don’t know how to sell writing honestly. I want people to know my love for sunsets and feel how I convey the color of the sky. Readers gone read, for sure. So, I’m banking on people who love to read. Side note, do you like to read the same type of stuff you write? I personally read a lot of romance. It’s probably not even healthy the kind of addiction I have with my kindle. But, I don’t necessarily gravitate towards romantic literature to write. Is this weird? Somebody. Anybody? Don’t leave me hanging.

Strategy or Not

One common strategy to social media is a “writer’s lift” or, as I call it, “chain gang.” Don’t get me wrong, I love it because that’s the only thing I know how to do on Twitter to actually promote my book. Then I’m met with maybe 30 other authors who are promoting to each other but aren’t we all just tryna make $10 on Amazon kindle?

I’ve also found it hard to connect with writers or publishers without feeling like I’m freaking someone out, thinking I’m weird. Like “Hey girl, I just saw your photo and author status. I don’t know you, but can we be friends?” And I’m always too happy and excited for my own good, but maybe that’s a good trait unless it’s someone shady trying to sell me a pre-paid publishing deal. Lastly, there’s the battle of finding a great author’s photo. I don’t have one yet. Hey, I still look like my “professional” photo, minus the filter, and 10 lbs I gained. But, I digress.

I really don’t take myself seriously despite my facial expressions most times. I love to laugh and connect with people to support them and learn from others who have already mastered the writing game. So, if this moved you in any way or you just want to add your funny perspectives, stories, or advice, please leave a comment.