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Writer’s Block Savior: An Homage to Overcoming the Stigma of Procrastination

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

I struggled with procrastination for a long time, as it relates to my writing. This doesn’t include the papers I had to write for college. That was just brutal torture. I was literally drudging through the mud to the finish line to earn an advanced degree. Long story short, I decided to follow a long overdue dream to just do what I love instead of what I thought was prestigious. No pun intended!

I learned that writing a book is not just meant for those who have massive time blocks to spare or slow-paced lifestyles. No. Writing is for the truly determined who want to have their say. So what can save you from writer’s block? How do you just get it done? It’s as simple as just writing.

The old tried and true just get straight to the point theory. I started writing on a pad of paper, and yes, it was a pretty notepad. It wasn’t expensive-pretty, but it was motivation enough. Don’t think about anything else, nothing. Don’t even think about who you are, your background, how you speak, or anything else that distracts you from writing the content you feel in your heart. Once you get a rhythm to your writing, you will soon see a pattern. This is your writing style and what will eventually make you stand out as an author.

I’m not a writing expert. I’ve just been writing for so many years. I realized that, yes, I have something to say, and it’s valid! Most writers feel intuitive about their work. Once you take the first step to start writing, you’ll be surprised at how many ideas will begin to flow. The key is to keep notes of any ideas you have; that way, you can pull from those ideas when you go back to writing.

For me, there were more days of self-doubt than productivity. It wasn’t until I realized that being a writer meant having ideas and writing them down until you create a body of work. I took breaks to research writing, editing, and publishing. I treated my writing as birthing a baby or creating a piece of art. I wanted to make sure it would be whole once it arrived in the hands of its reader. Along my writing journey, I stopped and remembered to love myself. So, in the end, procrastination became my saving grace.

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